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Hey guys. So, I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m trying to draw attention to this and I really need everyone’s help. There’s been a lot of controversy lately over the Girl Scouts and their alleged support of organizations that argue for pro-choice and other sexual rights. As usual, radical conservative Christians have made a scene about it, going so far as to accuse the GSUSA of “betraying the Catholic Church.” I’ve been exchanging emails with one of the girls who run the website, and so far, all I’ve seen is a one-sided, hypocritical argument, only saying that the Girl Scouts is, basically, a liar. However, the argument is being backed up by the Catholic Church, an organization that is INFAMOUS for lying and then getting caught trying to cover up its lies.

I want to draw attention to this, because as of right now, the GSUSA, an organization which is NOT Christian, is suffering for not taking a stance on the issues. I admire them for not taking a stance - having so many girls from so many different backgrounds involved, it’s wise of them to not express support on either more conservative or more liberal grounds. I also admire them for teaching the girls of this nation and this world how to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, independent, confident, skilled decision-makers who always strive to make this world a safer, more tolerant, more beautiful place.

Please, PLEASE, help. Email them. Reblog this. Pass it around and raise awareness, because they deserve our help. This cannot go on.

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Okay hi so I have a fucking card reader in my computer so here’s Chicago okay bye.

Okay for real thinking about a Tumblr meet-up because y’all are the best. If you’re interested hit me up, we’ll exchange numbers, and I’ll keep everyone updated on when/where.


It’s a tumblr party! Haha get it, like a slumber party? Tim is probs the funniest guy I’ve ever met. He bought a box of all chocolate donuts cause he’s on his period. Go follow him and follow Carla because they are da bestest.

Chicago International Airport Walkway (by Bahman Farzad)