By this time tomorrow, I’ll be in Chicago. I feel like this is what this whole blog, all one and a half years of it, has been about. 21 MORE HOURS!

Okay what the fuck, two days as of tomorrow morning. TWO DAYS.

4 days


until Carla moves in with me! You guys have no idea how fucking excited I am. It was meant to be, I swear. If I hadn’t created a tumblr, I would have never met her or Brook and I’d probably have no friends here in Chicago aha. No joke. It’s such a trip to think about how exactly a year ago we met and now we’re gonna be living together.

It’s true! None of you will actually do this, but go back to like the first several pages of my blog and I was talking to this bitch right here and WHO WOULDA THOUGHT that a year and a half later, I’d be moving in with her. And then we ended up going to Chicago at the same time almost exactly a year ago. Like what the fuck, seriously. We’re soul mates. It’s meant2b. I LOVE YOU KARIANNE FOUR MORE DAYS!

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Just a reminder: Wells Street bridge construction starts tonight. If you take the Brown, Purple, or Red lines, expect it to mess with your commute all next week. We’ll get through this together. WEEKEND! 

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Well shit I guess I should be upset about this but I’m just too happy that this is finally relevant to me!


I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this city.

Gives me so many chills. As of 8:30 tomorrow morning, I have exactly a week left!

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So I’m gonna need to recruit y’all to show me around the city because I’m a noob.


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